WARP as VPN alternative - split tunnel config help

We have some internal network IP’s. For example

192.168.21.XXX → Main set of resources such as RDP
192.168.10.XXX → Support tools in a different location.

I’d love to be able to easily get users setup with Warp to allow access to these too ranges (currently we use a VPN). I don’t want to route / filter / handle any of their other traffic (mostly netflix etc).

Any easyish way to set this up? I see there are options to route all BUT some ranges, but I’d like to route nothing but some ranges.

You can’t with Warp, unfortunately. You must route everything. That set-up works perfectly with a normal split VPN.

Is there another cloudflare product that would accomplish this? We don’t mind paying and I like the cloudflare product granularity (and the idea of reducing reliance on sonicwall infrastructure).

Or is there another product out there we could / should consider? I’m looking for something easy to deploy end user side, OK if admin side is a bit more complicated.

Unfortunately nothing Cloudflare makes does this, you can simply not inspect any other traffic and make them use Warp regardless.

But a normal VPN product works just fine, I believe. Whichever vendor.

Alright - I’ll wait till something comes out cloudflare side or another similar provider and stick with our VPN solution for now (which works great and staff know their personal browsing etc is not going through anything we run).

Just wanted to update this and note that this is now possible. You can specify IP ranges for WARP to handle.

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