WARP APP loged in to Zero Trust issue

ok i have a strange one… so the WARP app is working correctly if i connect via my phone AP using wifi [WPA3] and i get the correct virtual ethernet adapter symbol next to the time. however if i connect to my home wifi directly i do not get the virtual ethernet adapter symbol next to the time. i get the regular old wifi symbol, does this mean directly connecting to my modem is not giving me a secure connection as in not opening up a virtual ethernet connection and just using my wifi?? its saying Zero trust is turned on and loged in. i can see in my wifi hardware page that its got Cloudflare dns set up. and it looks like from zero trust web page i look to be the only 2 devices connecting. phone and PC also just noticed the home wifi is WPA2 im assuming this isnt whats stoping warp zero trust from working correctly. any one got any idea why warp doing this? what i can do to fix it, if this is in fact giving me a unsecure connection.