WARP and Youtube

Hey, past month (I guess) it was almost impossible to use Youtube and weirdest thing is that is because of WARP. It takes 10-20 seconds to load video page and then another 10 seconds to start playing video, besides that video lags and buffers A LOT. Without WARP all the pages and videos loads instantly.
My internet is 500 mbps cable, I don’t run any other VPNs, and even with WARP on I get 450-470mbps on download in speed test.
Tried excluding youtube from split tunneling in WARP settings, but for some reason that didn’t work at all.
And also yt-dlp does not want to function properly, takes 5 minutes to start downloading and the speeds are underwhelming.

Maybe some of you encountered this and know how to solve it? Or atleast can someone tell me how exclude youtube from WARP, because I really don’t know why it’s not working for me.

I also have had some unexplainable network issues in the past few weeks, especially on iOS devices. I my case I have noticed that while using the LinkedIn app, it suddenly can’t load new content. So if I disable the WARP connection and enable it again, it starts working again. So annoying.

are you correctly excluding from the tunnel?


Chek it (https://redirector.googlevideo.com/report_mapping?di=no) for work

Thank You for suggestion, but sadly does not work for me