WARP+ (and WARP) routing me through Europe, instead of India!


Its been a while since I have noticed that many ISPs (Reliance Jio, Airtel, RailTel etc.) are being routed through France instead of Mumbai in Cloudflare powered websites (even if their web host is having Indian server). And it is same with Cloudflare WARP.

Today, I subscribed to WARP+ to test whether it makes any change since it is supposed to provide better routing but turns out even WARP+ is having the same issue.

So, why is Cloudflare having poor routing for the major ISPs of India? It ruins the experience. Cloudflare is supposed to provide better connectivity for every user but it is actually ruining the experience of majority of users from a country like India.

I hope Cloudflare knows that majority of Indian users are using either Jio or Airtel (or some ISP which uses their bandwidth), whether it is wired broadband or mobile data (4G/5G). And it is the same story in all of them.

Seems like this post will be ignored like others’ posts.

I understand your frustration, but unfortunately Cloudflare doesn’t decide the routing for ISPs; it’s typically done via your ISP selecting the fastest or most cost-efficient route.

Understandable but how come both of those two major ISPs are having this exact issue from pretty much the same time?

Things were working okayish before. I was being routed through Chennai or Delhi instead of Mumbai but at least the servers were close.

Also, I have noticed that all the websites using Cloudflare CDN are routing users similarly, except for the Pro/Business users.

I am sure India isn’t much of an important region for Cloudflare but I wonder if you guys have been in touch with them regarding this?

You guys might already know that majority of Indians use Jio and then the second one is Airtel. It is same in both wired broadband and mobile data. Many other ISPs use their bandwidth too, so they experience the same routing.

It means experience must be poor for most of the users from India.

I have complained about it to Jio and Airtel but they are blaming Cloudflare, as I expected. So, it can only be solved if Cloudflare team tries to contact them about it. Whether the issue is with Jio/Airtel or Cloudflare, the users are not having the best experience which Cloudflare users expects.

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