Warp and Warp+ doesn't connect

hello, i’ve an issue using Warp+ whether it’s on my computer or mobile phone.
it doesn’t want to connect on my phone at all.
and on my pc it says connected but there is no internet and keeps giving request timeout.
that happened in Egypt for almost 1 month now, all Egyptians can’t connect to warp at all seen tons of posts on facebook about it.

hope you can help.

Could you please raise feedback directly from the app in both cases?
It will share logs with the Engineering that might help investigating further.

if you mean going to Settings->Advanced->Send feedback. (through my android phone)
then i’ve done that twice and nothing happened, and i didn’t get any email about it…
honestly i didn’t think that Cloudflare Support isn’t capable of helping people through feedback requests…

EDIT: i’ve sent another feedback just now.

EDIT 2: here are some ticket ids: 306884, 291623, 300618

I did the same and i figured out that we blocked warp connection… i don’t know why!!

i guess so, idk why Egypt is blocking VPNs including cloudflare warp, which is so weird…
all what they care about is to track us down, LOL!!!

@nicgayerie hello,
May i ask whether you can find any solution for this issue in Egypt? i’ve sent the ticket ids i made before through the application that has the logs in a previous reply.
Hope you can really help us.

could you try this:

for some reason warp started working today with me, but i wanna still test it for like a week if it still works then now everything is fine

Yup, stopped working again…

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