Warp and tunnel restrictions

Hi was wondering what are the restrictions set by Cloudflare for each

Am i able to expose plex or stram link on Cloudflare’s tunnel either public or private?

Am i able to use warp to expose plex or steam link?

I read the TOS but couldn’t find such restrictions for private tunnel or warp client

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any help from the community?

Cloudflare is vague about this. Their terms of service state that an excessive amount of non-HTML traffic is disallowed (2.8), while they also published an article to their official blog in 2021 explaining how Cloudflare Tunnel could be used for streaming live camera footage.

I wish that Cloudflare could clarify this for once and for all. You’re not the only one who’s confused about this, there are many more posts regarding this both on this forum and on Cloudflare’s subreddit.

Does it also apply to warp?

Cloudflare WARP has no known limits or restrictions on video streaming.