Warp and tethering on PC

I just recently added and Warp onto my phone and I usually use my phone to tether to my computer on the go. If I am connected onto with Warp activated, does this put all my data from tethering with my laptop go through the Warp VPN?


You’ll need to test as this will be operating system specific, and on Android in particular, will likely have other factors involved.

On modern versions of iOS, the VPN applies only to iOS applications, connected/tethered devices to not use the VPN.

Addtionally you could sign up for the Windows / Mac beta. You’d probably need a bit of luck though

If you are a WARP+ subscriber, check your app over the coming weeks for a link to an invitation to try the new WARP for macOS and Windows clients.

If you’re not a WARP+ subscriber, you can add yourself to the waitlist by signing up on the page linked below. We’ll email as soon as it’s ready for you to try.