Warp and public dns record/routing

Hi all,

So not sure if I’m missing something obvious but this is the story:

I’m currently arguing with my ISP over some bad routing they are doing on their network to the local geforce now datacenter. If I use the standard routing , I get large packet loss at certain hops. To get around this a colleague suggested WARP and it works perfectly. The routing is different and I am able to utilize the service. However, I have certain services on the same machine that are accessed via a custom domain which runs off a no-ip dyndns. When I enable WARP, nothing is able to access anything that uses those custom names which resolve to the same ip.

I tried installing a separate client to report the ip, thinking maybe it would alter the ip in some manner but the external ip stays the same whether on WARP or not, so it seems something with the WARP client is bouncing the requests. I have internal port forwarding on my router which routes the traffic to this machine when received on a certain port on my public ip. Obviously devices not running warp, do not have the issue on the network and are able to operate fine. Am I missing something? Is there a way to still allow incoming traffic on my public but still utilize WARP for my outgoing etc?