WARP Windows Install Not Working

I first installed the WARP VPN on Windows 10 a few weeks ago, but had strange issues. I couldn’t run the program consistently, I had to ‘repair’ the program in the windows installation window (yknow for uninstalling programs) in order to get it to run on one of my laptop’s accounts (I have two ‘people’ (logins) on my laptop, one is my regular login account and the other is for school use). On the other account it appeared to work mostly fine.

However one time when attempting to repair it the installation would no longer work. I attempted to uninstall it and reinstall it but ran into an issue I’m realizing is very common - it suddenly just stopped the installation because of a nebulous ‘issue with the package installer.’


Good god, I’ve been going through so many community posts with the same issue and NONE of those solutions have been working. I am BEGGING for a solution to this.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Creating a pathway through windows firewall for the microsoft edge view thing that supposedly it needs to install
  • Disabling windows firewall
  • Completely disabling my personal antivirus software’s firewall and web shield
  • Changing the DNS to Cloudflare’s DNS
  • Restarting my laptop multiple times
  • Stopping the installation midway through with the Task Manager so I can access the program through the program files before they’re deleted
  • Downloading previous versions of WARP and attempting to install those

Among other things that I may be forgetting. I hate that I can’t contact support unless I have a subscription. Anyone have any solutions??

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