Warning: Pending Nameserver Update

Start hosting a website using Cloudflare nameservers for over a week & it works without any problems until this Sunday when I noticed site pages breaking. Problem seems to be about SSL handshake. I contacted my web host (Namesilo) & was told that everythings fine on their side. I removed the site from Cloudlflare then put it back following Cloudflare’s instructions (disabled DNSSEC, added web host nameservers on Cloudflare’s DNS, change web host nameservers with Cloudflare’s nameservers, etc. After 2 days I still have “Pending Nameservers Update”. I’ve already clicked Re-check now twice since Sunday with no luck. What’s going on with Cloudflare DNS set up?

The DNSSEC records still appear to exist at your registrar. Until that propagates the zone won’t re(activate).

How long will this take? I already deactivated DNSSEC on Cloudlfare setting since Sunday.

You need to remove the entries at your registrar as well.

That did it man. Now it’s active. Thanks a lot.:grinning:

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