Warning on Mail DNS

Hey guys,

I have changed my mail DNS record to the grey cloud to protect my mx mail record as advised but then i receive a warning saying that my IP origin is exposed.

Is this normal?

Also, do i need to worry about the local host being set as DNS only?


Sorry about the basic questions but I’m a beginner.


That is a normal warning, since it is indeed happening. It is not fixable unless you get a separate IP for an email server.

As for the localhost, that is not an issue either as it is linking to and if someone would try and do anything to that IP they would just be attacking their own computers as that is the address every computer has for themselves.

So no worries on either of those. The best thing to do if you are worried about the mail exposing your origin IP is to host this on a different server with a different IP address from your webserver.

No worries,

Thanks for your help mate.

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