Warning Message. (Falsely) Reported As Phishing. Help Please?


I just went on my website and I’m getting a warning that it has been reported as phishing.

Everything on my website is legit. I have a privacy policy, terms of service…

My funnel from my web pages to my emails to the companies I am an affiliate for are legit.

There are no instructions on how to appeal and I did not receive any emails regarding this report.

What can I do to remove this warning?

Would you share a screenshot or url here?


If your website has been flagged as a phishing site, you’ll need to review it for potential issues. Log into your Cloudflare dashboard and you should see a message providing more details on the reason behind this flagging and how to request a review. Ensure all content on your site is secure and legit, then follow the instructions to request a review. If you can’t find this information in your dashboard, let us know here and include some more details.

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