Warning: Inconsistent server configuration

Hello folks,

Maybe one of you can help me out — I’m fairly new to SSL.

I followed the guide over at https://httpsiseasy.com/ to a tee to configure an HTTPS connection to my personal website: fynbo.io (still empty)

I just recently helped a client do the same for his personal website, and all is well in his regard.

However, when I generate a SSL report through ssllabs i get the grade T with the following warning:

Warning: Inconsistent server configuration

Everything seems to be working outside this error message, any idea what causes it?

It looks like DNS hadn’t fully propagated and still had your old “A” IP address. I just ran that test and it looks good.

“Old” :slight_smile:

Seems to be the actual origin, without a certificate of course

Right, but it looks like partial DNS propagation, which I’ve not seen before, but can certainly happen.

The DNS resolution in the screenshot is a bit awkward but most likely really rather a caching issue. The missing certificate along with the 526 is the real issue.

Odd! I cleared my cache and reran the test with the same result as in the OP. I also still get the GoDaddy IP rather than the Cloudflare one :thinking:

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