Warning given on MX record despite following instructions

I followed the instructions here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qsxs03V3X8 – and yet I get a warning when I changed the A record for mail to DNS only, saying that it would expose the IP address. Creating the corresponding MX record as per instructions in the video did not fix this. Can anyone help?

You aren’t doing anything wrong, MX records need to point to a valid internet-routable IP address.

Do you know why it gives the warning icon on the LHS next to the corresponding A record from the tutorial? The tutorial didn’t mention any warning coming up.

If you have a need to hide your server’s IP, then you need to consider this record as an attacker can find it.

the reason i followed the tutorial was so that I could use mail.shih-ho-ko.org rather than vmcp77.digitalpacific in MS Outlook … is there no way for me to use mail.shih-ho-ko.org without revealing the IP Address?

Nevermind, I spoke to my hosting provider and they explained the rest to me, I get it now.

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