War on TOR

Recently I’ve noticed a lot more Cloudflare CAPTCHAs on websites when browsing via TOR. I mean, on websites that previously did not show CAPTCHAs. Is it just me being unlucky, because the owners of these sites are blacklisting access from the TOR network, or is Cloudflare is now blocking TOR by default?

It could have something to do with this:

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Hi @leaper,

Cloudflare does not block Tor. They provide tools to the site operators that allow them to customize how they want different visitors handled, including those who use a Tor browser. Please contact the site owner if you are having issues.

As @sdayman said, more users may be choosing to filter traffic coming via Tor if they are getting a lot of hits / suspected malicious traffic.

Yeah, I understand. It’s just weird that this happened at the same time on multiple unrelated websites. Which is why I decided to ask here - this seemed too organized to be a coincidence.

Cloudflare provides a number of tools to help legitimate Tor users, however website owners/operators can choose to captcha or block Tor users for a variety of reasons as @sdayman and @domjh indicated.


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