Wanting to chanllenge USA entries, but bot restrict google bots


I’m a new user. We are currently being swarmed by fake entries from USA so I decided to issue a firewall JS Challenge to keep them out. I’m afraid I’m blobking Google bots too with this challenge.
What should I add to my rules to allow googlebots to still crawl through my page and have the challenge for USA visits?

Hi there Cloudflare doesn’t block verified bots like google and bing bots, Cloudflare blocks malicious bots that block’s invalid traffic on your website, I hope you got your answer :+1:

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Would be great, but I see IPs of googlebots in the challenged overview. Maybe I’m not using a good rule to block US? I’m using (ip.geoip.country eq “US”) (I wouldnt bother but we had 20 k empty entries in the last few hours from the US)

I’ve added allow known bots to the firewall list and added it on the top - should it fix my issue?

(ip.geoip.country eq "US" and not cf.client.bot)

should do the trick. Of course you can also have a cf.client.bot rule on top, if that is what you configured.

And yes, Cloudflare would block search engines as well if you did not have that exception in there.

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