Want to utilize Cloudflare on a Hostinger server without changing the nameserver?

I can’t change the name server in GoDaddy because I’ve already changed it to hostinger for web hosting.
Please explain how to use Cloudfare without modifying the hostinger’s nameserver in GoDaddy.
I purchased the domain through GoDaddy.
I’m using Hostinger to host my domain, and if I change the nameserver, I won’t be able to utilize Hostinger to host my website. Is CNAME is the only option to do this. can anyone explain step by step how to do it. for my query I’m confused whether to do partial CNAME setup and then convert it to full domain or just do only partial CNAME Setup.

Well, partial setup would be the same as using Cloudflare’s nameservers but only for a specific subdomain.

Is there any reason you haven’t just used an A record to point at Hostinger as opposed to using their nameservers? How to Point Domain to Hostinger Nameservers (2 Methods)


Thanks. But I’m not able use an A record to point at Hostinger because I’m no longer have access DNS records in GoDaddy. So Partial Setup is only workaround for this.