Want to use cloudflare with out changing nameserver for server hosted in AWS


I’m planning add security to my website hosted in AWS and DNS is managing by some other DNS provider. i have existing ssl. As i’m thinking that changing the name servers will impact on email system, i might be wrong. Is there any way to add cloud-flare to my website without changing the nameservers.

Seeking for best answers.


That is actually not a thing I think.

You can actually change your nameservers for your domain to Cloudflare or any other, the thing where you manage your DNS records for your mail (MX and other like mail.yourdomain.com) and other sub-domains is the thing you should be able to do.

I am not sure, but may I ask by what do you mean that it could impact or disrupt your current e-mail system?

I was changing nameservers from like Google → cPanel hosting provider → custom nameservers from my dedicated server → Cloudflare, and e-mail was still working well as expected …

Regarding any issues and how to propperly setup Cloudflare to make sure your e-mail continues to work, kindly check below article:


When you changes nameservers for your domain to Cloudflare, you can manage all the DNS records as needed on the Cloudflare dashboard → DNS tab.

Either, you can import all existing DNS records into Cloudflare with a few clicks:

More information which DNS records are available, and how can you manage them, you can find on the article below:

Regarding this:

From the article below - short answer “Yes”:

Become Cloudflare hosting partner:

Using the CNAME Setup feature available at the Business or Enterprise plans:


Furthermore, you can add custom nameservers on a business plan or above:


Otherwise, unfortunately I am afraid no.


Hi Dear,

Thanks you very much for reply. I’m not much technical person wrt DNS. could you please suggest that i’m doing correct or not.

My DNS provider is some other and website is hosted in AWS cloud, want to add security,ddos proteciton to my website. This we are doing for mail domain not for subdomains.
I took just a pro plan, if required i’ll go for Business plan in cloud-flare. I have seen my dns records that we have mx, a, cname …etc

Now Cloud-flare asking to change the Name servers, does this impact anything my website or email or any except the security improvement ?

Please help Thanks in advance.