Want to use Cloudflare DNS, but have domain and email from GoDaddy?

I’m new to this. I created a domain with GoDaddy a few years ago, but only now decided to use my domain name for email too. So, I created my custom e-mail domain using GoDaddy’s E-Mail Essentials plan and in order to activate my e-mail, it said to set the nameserver or something back to GoDaddy (I had it set to Cloudflare prior). I then followed the setup and it also said to add something called MX, CNAME and etc…

My question are:

  • can I still use Cloudflare’d DNS nameservers?
  • would my e-mail still work?
  • what happens when I want to connect my domain to Framer, for example, and use my custom domain? Will there be any issues?

I need help please. Thank you

I am afraid you need to clarify this with your mail provider. Nobody here can tell you if they keep the service or not. Technically, there shouldn’t be any issue, as long as you configure all necessary email DNS entries on Cloudflare, but if your email provider supports that, is a question for - your email provider :slight_smile:

Same goes for that other service. If you can configure their DNS entries on Cloudflare, it should work just fine. If they require you to change nameservers, you can’t use Cloudflare. Unless you sign up for a Business plan, but that’s a different story of course.

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