Want to Redirect a Second Domain


I have an existing page rule (see attached image) and want to also redirect samanthabbrown.com to samanthablossom.com but I can’t find this referenced anywhere in the Help Center and I keep getting errors when I tried to add a CNAME to the DNS and errors when I try to add a similar Page Rule.

Response for chat w/Kajabi: “Technically, if your Kajabi site has a Custom Domain, it is configured in Cloudflare account, once that is set up, all Kajabi site pages use that. And in Cloudflare, you can set the Page Rules for loading the site using https and loading the domain name even without www So for the Redirection, you may need an Extra Page rule in Cloudflare to reroute samanthabbrown.com to samanthablossom.com So that when the User uses samanthabbrown.com they will be directed to samanthablossom.com Currently, there is no option/feature to do that in the Kajabi site, sorry.”

Is it possible to do this via Cloudflare?

Thanks in advance.


I can’t see the existing Page Rule, but for the one you’re attempting to enter, I’d go with:
Match: *samanthabrown.com/* and Forwarding URL to https://www.samanthablossom.com (no * at the end)

That’s the only Page Rule you will need at samanthabrown, so I don’t know what else you have added there.

If you want more help, post screenshots of your DNS and current Page Rules for samanthabrown.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

When I enter what you’ve suggested, I get the error “Your URL should reference the domain ‘samanthablossom.com’ in some way.” in the top section under “If the URL matches:”

I’ve also uploaded screenshots of the DNS and Page Rules pages in case that’s useful.

Do you want to redirect blossom to brown or brown to blossom?

Your explanation suggests the latter, your first screenshot the former.

I want to redirect brown to blossom, but when I switch which URLs in the page rule, I get the error “Your URL should reference the domain ‘samanthablossom.com’ in some way.” under the “If the URL matches:” section!

In that case go to your brown settings (you seem to have configured that so far under blossom, which would be the wrong place) and create the following page rule

The brown website is currently hosted on Wix. Do I need to first update the nameservers so the existing brown website is hosted on Cloudflare then create this page rule?

In that case you couldnt use a page rule. You either need to add that domain to Cloudflare as well (separately), in which case you could configure a page rule, or achieve that redirect in some other way on Wix.

Ok, I will try adding that domain to Cloudflare because it looks like I’d have to upgrade my subscription on Wix. Thanks so much for your help!

In that case you simply need to add the domain to Cloudflare, once that is done, you change the nameservers of the brown domain to what Cloudflare specified, and once the domain is verified on Cloudflare you can implement the page rule.

Got it. Thank you for spelling that out. I appreciate it!

Another question re: the instructions above: is it possible to add a domain hosted on Wix to Cloudflare since I can’t access nameservers in Wix in order to change them to point to Cloudflare?

Based on reading other community articles, it looks like Wix and Cloudflare don’t play very nicely together unfortunately :confused:

No, Cloudflare and Wix do not, as you put it, ‘play nicely’… Wix have made it pretty impossible to use any nameservers other that their own!!

Good to know :confused: So then it’s not possible to redirect a Wix site to Kajabi or can anyone think of a workaround?

That’s what I was trying to do in the first place.

If you want to redirect all traffic from the brown site (Wix) to the blossom site, then is there actually a Wix website built on …brown?

If not, and it is just the domain with Wix then you could transfer it out and use Cloudflare or another service to redirect.

I don’t know how to do a domain redirect on Wix.

I am just not quite understanding, if you want to redirect all traffic away from the Wix site, why it still needs to be with them if no users will get to it as they will be redirected to …blossom…

I am not familiar with Wix, however the domains appears to be registered with Network Solutions and there you should be able to change nameservers.

If you registered the domain via Wix and they are simply a reseller but dont offer you a way to change the nameservers you might be out of luck as long as you are with them. However, assuming you want to redirect the entire domain, you can simply move it to another registrar where you have such control and then add it to Cloudflare.

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Wix Support sent me this article - https://support.wix.com/en/article/transferring-your-wix-domain-away-from-wix-2477749 - to which I asked what I’m supposed to do with the code they send me when Cloudflare is looking for me to update nameservers.

They also linked me to this article - https://support.wix.com/en/article/connecting-a-wix-domain-to-an-external-site - and I tried updating the DNS settings but I’m not sure if I did it correctly (see attached).

When I was updating the DNS settings, I also noticed the nameservers (which I’m unable to edit), but if they’re still pointing to Wix, there’s no way my DNS updates will successfully redirect to my Kajabi site, right? I just sent them another email asking if Wix support will pretty please update my nameservers. Not holding my breath though! Working with Wix has been such a headache :frowning:

You’d need to change the nameservers, changing regular records wont do. You’d need to transfer the domain to a registrar where you can change the nameservers.

Wix is instructing me to request a transfer code in order to transfer the domain away from Wix, but I’m not sure what to do with that code because as far as I know there’s nowhere to input it into Cloudflare. Here is Wix’s response to that:

"It is not possible to connect a Wix domain to an external site by changing your domain’s name servers. If you would like to connect your domain using this method, you must first transfer it to another domain host.

Regarding the transfer procedure.

You need to contact CoudFlare and ask them to provide you with the instructions needed to transfer the domain to them.

You will then need to provide them with the EPP code so that Cloudflare can complete the domain transfer for you"

If I share an EPP code with Cloudflare, is this something CF Support can help me with?

In this case you will have to transfer your domain to another registrar.

Even though Cloudflare is a registrar now as well, you can currently only transfer domains which are already configured for Cloudflare. As you cant do that with the domain you cant transfer it to Cloudflare, hence you need to pick a different registrar.