Want To Redirect A Kajabi Landing Page To My Root Domain URL

After watching the Cloudflare Help video on URL redirects, I am still unable to get it to work,

So I need only step-by-step guidance PLEASE.

I use Kajabi for my website and marketing development. I would like to make one of my Kajabi Landing Pages the URL to be redirected to a completely different URL, the root domain for another website.

I like the Kajabi website and landing page design quality so much, that I want one of its responsive landing pages to become the HOME Page for another website.

**I need step-by-step How-To instructions for **

1. What to ADD for my DNS Records - write out the actual steps
2. What to do for the Page Rule - write out the actual steps

Please make ‘dummie-proof’, because, I have no idea for how this works and what has been keeping me from being successful.

THANKS For your help and attention

  • Ann P
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What have you tried so far?

That’s a tall order for free Community Support considering you haven’t provided concrete information, such as the actual domain name and actual URLs.

Seriously, we’re not going to tell you where to hover your mouse, and which button to click. We can provide some guidance and screenshots with examples, but you need to be specific in what you want. Your request needs to be ‘dummie-proof’ because we’re not mind readers.

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If anyone has the step-by-step instructions for how to setup both the DNS records that are needed to be added to my Cloudflare PLUS the specific Page rules so that my Landing Page [on Kajabi platform] can be used as a Home Page for another URL [root domain] that would be very much appreciated. THANKS

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