Want to park Cloudflare hosted / managed domain elsewhere

I have a domain that is hosted & dns managed on Cloudflare. I am now taking this site which was hosted on my server, and want to park the domain to a “paid parking” service.

There are two ways they suggestion parking on their domain. The first way is to use custom name servers NS1.XXXX.COM and NS2.XXXX.COM. As this is a FREE Cloudflare domain, there is no way to change DNS from the provided Cloudflare domains. HOWEVER the service also provides another way to do this by a CNAME METHOD and here is what they suggest the following CNAME ENTRIES

www set to the site they gave me
(blank) set to the site they gave me
* set to the site they gave me

TTL was set to auto

I was able to successfully change the WWW and the * … and even turned off the HTTPS and took the proxy off of the CNAME entries … and it’s been about an hour or two and the site is STILL resolving to the old hosted site (I understand propagation, but, most other times making a change like this, it had been changed by now)


That should do it. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS here?

Hi @bobgatchel,

It looks to me like your nameservers are not currently pointing to Cloudflare, so the DNS changes you make here won’t take effect.

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