Want to Optimize images, serve them in the NextGen WebP format and load pages faster on our Blog

We already use WP Rocket on our WordPress Blog along with Cloudflare. But We’d like to improve the core web vitals of our WordPress blog by optimizing the images and serving them in the nextgen WebP format, also that we’d like to serve fonts in cache as well to reduce the load time of the pages.
Also to note, we use AMP for WordPress as well.
Is there any easy solution for all this?

You are correct here. The solution to ALL of this is called “Pro Plan” since the WEBP convertion is available in Pro Plan and up. Its basically Plug’n’Play since Cloudflare is so easy to setup and configurate.

Since one of Googles last statements I can not recommend this anymore at all, but thats another topic.

This is good and Cloudflare does that automatically. Maybe you want to finetune that with some PageRules to have a better controll over the TTL on CDN and Browser side?

If you share your Domain we can have a detailed look at it.

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Thanks alot for the reply.
We do have the Pro Plan Already.
Our domain is www.phoneworld.com.pk

We use WP Rocket alongside cloudflare but are looking for an image compression and optimization tool. found out that Cloudflare provides that too along with the support of WebP.

You do not recommend using AMP? Can you please explain and guide a bit more?

Thanks, that makes things more easy.
I saw you are already using WebP:

The URLs/Links will not get touched so even under a link ending with .JPG Cloudflare now according to your settings tries to serve a WebP file it is smaller according to your configuration.

That’s actually the same.
compression = optimization

Cloudflare on top offers:

  • resizing
  • converting to Next Gen formats

Here are the main Image services Cloudflare provides and on which plan:

Pro Plan

  • Polish (Next Gen image codecs)

Business Plan

  • Image Resizing (resizing images to proper resolution on the Edge)

So yes, it also provides support for resizing on the edge, but that would require a Business Plan.

That’s what I can recommend on WordPress as WP Rocket is AFAIK fully Cloudflare compatible.

Yes, ofc. Have a read here: Timing for bringing page experience to Google Search
and: More time, tools, and details on the page experience update

What they basically say is: you CAN profit from AMP, but it does not matter if you use AMP or just good optimization to achieve a fast page and a good WebVital Score and this will the only thing that will matter since the new “page experience update” that will start rolling out mid-June this year.
AMP is not dead, its just not “preferred” anymore

To add something to the WebP thing.
I would recommend using it in “Lossy” mode, instead of “Lossless”:

Okay do you recommend that? As all the pages that we have on our site are reported as poor in Search Console for Core Web Vitals.

Here’s the link to the PageSpeed Insight of a good performing page on our site

If you could please suggest anything that could improve the overall performance of the page.
Also, we’d like to serve fonts and js via cloudflare if that’s an option and if that helps.

The first thing I saw was:

It automatically tests/redirects to the AMP site where most of your optimizations will not apply due to the AMP requirements. SO for such test please turn off AMP and test again.

Image topic:
according to Google activating

So both things will improve your WebVital Core. But there you should not settle.

It will in multiple ways.

  1. it is controllable by you
  2. it does not require an additional DNS Lookup if served from the same domain
  1. disable AMP and improve your site natively
  2. if you do have the budget go for Business Plan
  3. serve all assets from your domain that are capable of getting served on your domain
  4. over all satisfies the requirements Google PageSpeed provides to you. Dont stop untill there is not any other orange or red thing listed there.

Thanks for the detailed response, I really appreciate it.
okay, will this help?

Yes this will help aswell. Just missed that. APO is a Cloudflare exclusive service which is just available for Wordpress. That will speed up the TTFB by a lot if the page is cachable.

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