Want to open some ports or pass-trough


Hi all,

I just took my domain behind cloudflare. But i need some specific ports like domain.net:8533
Can i disable CoudFlare for some ports, or direct CloudFlare to use these ports?

I’m started with free plan.


Only with Spectrum on enterprise. By default CloudFlare does not proxy other protocols than HTTP(S). The only exception I know of is Teamspeak.


If i create some subdomains how can i block their 80 and 443 ports?


You can use the IP firewall or WAF to challenge networks or whole countries. But this takes effect to all sub domains as well as your root.

Second is to use a firewall o front of your origin. Software (OpenSense f.e) Hardware…

Hard to say because I don’t know your needs. If your website should not be reachable on this ports don’t run a webserver on your destination.

You can also use private IPs if the subdomains should be reachable for a specific group of users. Then you need to set up a VPN as well.

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