Want to install cloudflare SSL on my website, currently has Let's encrypt SSL (Hosting in Google cloud)

Cloudflare community, I have installed let’s encrypt SSL on my website techpcbuzz.com. My website hosted on Google cloud. But, when I try to install Cloudflare SSL it doesn’t work. Default Let’s encrypt ssl is showing. I had wait for 24hrs. But, not seen any result. Help me

Make sure the DNS record with the name “WWW” has an orange cloud on the right :orange: Cloudflare SSL and other features won’t work if the record is grey-clouded :grey: (You can click the grey cloud to turn it orange).

Also, since you have LetsEncrypt, go to the SSL/TLS app and make sure the SSL setting is Full (strict). You will need to continue to automatically renew your LetsEncrypt certificate, even with CF SSL.

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Right now that domain looks like it’s using GoDaddy’s name servers. I don’t think GoDaddy is a Cloudflare partner, so you’re going to have to change your name servers to the two that Cloudflare assigned to you.

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Domain redirected to Google Cloud IP

That’s why Cloudflare SSL isn’t working.

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I had set Cloudflare nameserver but, it did not worked.

We can’t help you if you’re not using Cloudflare.

You dont need to “install” any SSL, Cloudflare will automatically provision a certificate for your domain on their servers, but you need a valid certificate on your server.

Right now Cloudflare does not seem to know about your domain at all. Did you remove it from Cloudflare? You first need to add it to Cloudflare, then set your domain to the nameservers you were given, upon which Cloudflare should work for your domain.

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