Want to Fix Certain Issues related to SSL Certificates and Pre Existing Domain

Hey there,

I am actually currently dealing with my internet site https://ezytilingservices.com.au/ which I made last year however certainly never get the possibility to add my internet site with SSL certifications.

Yet this year, I tried all my attempts to incorporate hyperlink my website with SSL certifications due to pair of major reasons through which one is a cash transaction and second to give good safety and security to my web site.

After accessing SSL certifications on my site, my internet site operates effectively and also there certainly was no concern in its preliminary times.

However, after one month, when I redirect my site to a new domain or changed its domain prefix. From certainly there, my website found several mistakes related to loading the page, slow speed, and certain security issues.

I thought that after redirecting my site to one more address it will certainly not alter any SSL certifications work yet this was my biggest mistake in my opinion.

It is true that I need to make brand-new SSL certificates for my brand-new domain name?

Is actually redirecting my domain name is my most significant blunder?

I have no more money left to spend on purchasing another SSL Certificates for my already exist domain.

Many thanks for all the attempts!

Hi @smithhenrryy24,

I am not sure what you bean by this, can you explain?

Your current certificate won’t cover a new domain but you can get a free Universal certificate from Cloudflare and also a free origin certificate to install on your server, or you can use a free provider like Let’s Encrypt so you shouldn’t have to pay for a new certificate.

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