Want to create as SSL entries in your plan's DNS Zone

Hello! I am trying to install an SSL certificate for my subdomain purchased from Hostgator. But it’s making a mistake.
In the support email, they sent me the DNS zones that I must create on CloudFlare, which is where my original domain is pointing.
I need guidance on how to do this. I’ve tried to locate but I can’t find it.

If your domain on Cloudflare has SSL, then that SSL is most likely already configured for any subdomains. You’d just need to add that subdomain to DNS.

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Thank you, SDayman! But my case is as follows:
my provider is Hostagator, but I use cloudflare to protect it and make it faster. My wordpress site is hosted on Hostgator and the SSL certificate is inside it, but as my DNS of the main domain points to CloudFlare I need to make a note of the subdomain within the Cloud.
They want me to put 2 entries in the DNS zone
They need to contain
Name, TTL, CNAME and Registration.
I have this information but I don’t know where to put it inside CloudFlare.

That sounds like a DNS CNAME record. Here is a tutorial on how to add DNS records:

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Thank you very much for your attention, Sdayman!

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