Want to change nameservers

Hey everyone,

I want to change domain nameservers from cloudfare nameservers. I don’t know where to login to change those nameservers. Below is the screenshot attached. I am stuck at the second point.

Those two steps are exactly what you need to do. What did you determine from Step 1?

I have reached this step. What’s next?
I have to login to administrator account for domain registrar. Where to login?

And? If you scrolled down, I expect you’d see that the domain registrar is Google.

Yes, at registrar information. Name is Google LLC.
I went to Google domains. Below is the image:

You’ll have to track down where your domain is managed. Once you fix that, you can use Cloudflare.

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Yeah, when I checked in to Google domain, it says my domain name is registered. But when I checked in to Cloudfare, it says my domain name is not registered.

I need to find out the nameservers option.
Anyways thanks for the help though.

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