Want to change dns records to stop using cloudflare

I want to stop using cloudflare, but I can’t seem to find a way to change my dns records back to my original host either here or there. I don’t want to lose access to my one website that is here - If I close my account will my site be in limbo?
Can someone please help??


You need to change the nameservers for your domain at your registrar, so they point to your new DNS provider. After you do that, you’re no longer using Cloudflare and can delete the domain from Cloudflare. As long as you set up your new DNS before actually making the change, it should result in no downtime.


Thanks for responding. Ya…I couldn’t do that on my hosting…it said I didn’t have access to the DNS area and I should contact my provider which of course was cloudflare somehow, with no access to records.

Just deleted my cloudflare account…hoping all will be better by tomorrow. Will be worth whatever downtime to get out and not be this frustrated anymore.

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