Want to cache *mp3 and *.wav files on cloudflare - for my Visitors

I started Podcast based Website and plan to host hundreds of *.mp3 files (but some *.wav files).
Want to have them cached and offered to the visitors right from cloudflare, based on the visitor’s location.

Want to understand if this is possible with Cloudflare and the overall cost of getting this done.


** Just for Bandwidth Requirements, an example, one of my podcast consumed more than 11GB (all uncached) of my server bandwidth with in 24 hours. That is just one Podcast.

Please advise / suggest.

Dont do it. That approach would be somewhat of a guarantee to get your account suspended.

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Thanks Sandro. I agree. Do not want any issues and account suspensions with Cloudflare.

Just curious. Does “caching everything” selection under the page Rule, like the one below example caches *.mp3 and *.wav as well ? OR we need to put specific mention of *.mp3 to get them cached ?

Example :- Will this below cache .mp3 if it is anywhere on the Sub pages ?
( www.mywebsitenamehere-domain.com/

It depends on the match you configure. If it matches .mp3 files (e.g. /*) as well, it will cache them.

Thanks, After checking the stats, I do believe as soon as we put ( /* ) it caches *.mp3 as well. as
www.mysite.com /*

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