Want to buy "Stoick.com" domain

stoick.com is the domain I want and I also wanna know if someone else owns it as i am being asked to login from registrar account and change name servers. if I search in google domains it says stoick.com is owned by cloudflare. I am not clear on how to proceed to buy this domain and make it my own. kindly give me a solution soon.

Yes, this domain was registered 1999-06-03 and currently is managed and hosted at Cloudflare.
See: Whois stoick.com

Therefore you can not buy/register it. But you can try to reach out to the owner. How can you do so?

  1. going to the website and find a contactform or an email
    (hint: thats not possible as there is no website)
  2. reach out to Cloudflare and ask them kindly to forward your request of buying this domain to the owner.

Please also notice that you can only buy this domain if the current owner wants to sell it.

Also some additional infos about the page:

Only DNS Entry I could find:

if one is using this for a business mail they mostly have no interest in selling it.


Thank you very much for the reply I really appreciate it. I will do the necessary steps and try my luck. cheers man!

If you look at the WHOIS link provided by @M4rt1n, you’ll see contact links that lead to a Contact Form at Cloudflare for sending messages to the domain admin.


I got the form. Thank you for your reply. can you also share me your insights on why buying a domain from cloudshare is better than other providers? what are the perks?

I’m quite sure that stoick is not owned by Cloudflare. It’s just registered by a customer of Cloudflare. There would be no other way to purchase that domain.

Nobody ever said that :wink:

I have sent my request just hoping they would consider.

point taken. :sweat_smile:

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