Want to Add My Website That Has Custom Nameservers to Cloudflare - Will This Be a Problem?


I’m looking at adding one of my websites to Cloudflare but before doing so wanted to reach out and inquire whether there will be any problems as my existing site has custom nameservers i.e. ns1.domain.com; ns2.domain.com, etc.

The domain at godaddy points to hostnine servers using custom domain name naming convention.

Anyone know if this will cause any problems? Or do I need to revert the nameservers to Hostnine’s regular nameservers i.e. ns1.speedydns.net.

Also, will it impact any subdomains as I’m currently using a subdomain for a phone tracking service?

Any help would be appreciated.



Using custom nameservers won’t be an issue, you just won’t be able to keep them unless you want to go to a Business plan (but custom nameservers are just cosmetic, so that’s up to you).

When you transition over, if the subdomain does anything non-HTTP based or uses any other ports, make sure to keep those subdomains grey clouded :grey: in the dashboard. It’s very likely the service uses other ports, so grey cloud that subdomain.

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