Want to Activate Cloudflare for 4 Domain


Greetings from TMSS ICT. Want to Activate Cloudflare for 4 Domain. What is the Procedures?



Hi @tmssbasis, welcome. The link @sandro shared will answer any questions you have, you may be able to skip to the part about https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/201720164-Step-2-Create-a-Cloudflare-account-and-add-a-website adding a site.

Couple of tips along the way.

  • Most folks start with the free plan, it works for most people most of the time and is a good way to get started
  • After you add the first domain, login and click the Screenshot%20from%202018-12-28%2013-21-42 button to add the next sites. I’d start by adding one to go through the process. After that, the steps will be very clear.
  • After you add the first domain, you’ll be assigned two name servers. Change the name servers at your domain registrar from their server names to the names you’re given.
  • Don’t use those name servers for any of the other 3 domains until after you’ve first added the domain to Cloudflare.
  • If questions come up, the Help Center is a great resource, as is searching these forums and asking questions from the folks here. The Help Center has answers to a lot of questions that come up, like this one on troubleshooting SSL, https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200170566-Why-isn-t-SSL-working-for-my-site- (Usually the first questions that comes up after how to I change my name servers!)

I have updated DNS, will it go down?

I have a domain which is assigned by IP from LINODE.com and runs from a cPanel Account. How do i point Cloudflare DNS to IP Related Domains. The Domain Name is: https://bnia.basis.org.bd/

The same information from three weeks ago still applies.

Not Sure if i made same question. I apology and please Forget it. As it’s official and vital issue so it will arises questions if the site goes down for a single moment. Can you please Confirm me the issue?

I presume you mean if there will be downtime when you migrate to Cloudflare. If done properly and with care, no.

got it. thanks Sandro.

Hello sandro

Thank you very much for your great support. Yesterday (16.01.2019), i have updated Cloudflare DNS at bitm.org.bd. After activating, the Sub domain (seip.bitm.org.bd) of this main domain (bitm.org.bd) doesn’t work. What can be the solution?


You dont appear to have that host configured. Verify that it exists under your DNS records.

I just changed the main Domain’s (bitm.org.bd) DNS whatever you provided me and the sub domain is running from that server. I didn’t change any host configure. Just after activating the DNS, the sub domain is not working.

You need to verify that record exists under your DNS records. If it doesnt you obviously need to create it.

ok, I need to check the issue deeply. Right now, i have changed the DNS to it’s previous DNS.
Your DNS:

Previous DNS

Will it effect?


The nameservers are irrelevant and shouldnt be changed. You need to create that record in your Cloudflare control panel. Post a screenshot of your DNS records.

A and MX record of seip.bitm.org.bd has been created but it’s not working now

Loads for me and also at http://sitemeer.com/#seip.bitm.org.bd

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