Want subdomain pointing towards external IP


We wanted to have SSL for our website and moved to Cloudflare and its working great.

However, we created a subdomain on website as [xadmin.brago.in] which we want to convert as our admin panel for few applications that run on the website.
The admin panel was earlier pointed on and our current applications are giving mixed content errors since earlier admin panel is hosted on an insecure endpoint http://1xx.xx.xx.103/abc/

We want to now bind that insecure endpoint(admin panel) to xadmin subdomain(using Cloudflare) on the website.
However, when we add the subdomain in Cloudflare dashboard and point the IP as 1xx.xx.xx.103 it is giving error 522 and is not being able to point to the 1xx.xx.xx.103
Can you please help?

First check your origin’s firewall settings, and your Tomcat. I get a connection timeout using the IP on port 443 and 8443. You should either tell your Tomcat to use SSL or put it behind a (reverse) proxy like Apache or IIS.

Hopfully you’re not using Flexible SSL!? If you so, be warned: you’re putting your clients at risk. Only Traffic between users and Cloudflare is encrypted then.

Additional tips:

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