Want one cloudflare hosted domain to redirect to another in same account

We have a short domain we want to forward to our longer domain/website. I only have one CNAME record for the @. I’ve tried it proxied and not. It won’t resolve.

Proxied (orange) and DNS only (gray) I receive this error:

Error 1014

Ray ID: 8550a0b13df7efde • 2024-02-13 22:49:59 UTC

CNAME Cross-User Banned

What detail am I missing? This domain is for marketing purposes only. No other records needed - just a redirect. It was hosted at Godaddy and worked, but was SUPER slow to redirect.

Use a redirect rule under the domain you are redirecting from…

Copy this example, just change the hostnames…

Remove the CNAME you created and add a dummy proxied DNS record for @ as A or AAAA 100::


Thank you for the prompt reply. Not quite working as you have outlined. There is no option to set 301 permanent status. "Custom Filter Expression in Rules. Edited to: (http.host eq “ppgvip.info”, https.perrypropertiesgroup.com). Says it’s invalid. Both domains are managed by the same cloudflare account.

Nevemrind, duh - rules: Redirect rules. Thank you for the help! It works perfectly.

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