Want Cloudflare to specifically fetch the HTTP version of my site

Hi all,

My client has a site which I want to bring on Cloudflare. What I want to tell Cloudflare to fetch specifically the HTTP version from the server, then serve it on HTTPS.

The reason is: the site is hosted on a vendor who has a funny rewrite rule: HTTP is my site, HTTPS is something else with ads.

That’s why I want Cloudflare to fetch the site in HTTP (so it gets the correct content), then serve that in HTTPS as expected.

Thanks for tips.

It’s best to ask your host to configure SSL for your website. Shared hosting environments sometimes have this problem - but with TLS Server Name Indication (SNI) a shared host can still serve a unique website or certificate from a single server / IP address.

If you really need to have Cloudflare request your site over HTTP, that would be the Flexible encryption setting:


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