I configured a Cloudflare Access Tunnel that has a public hostname of site.example.com with a service URL of https://site.example.com. Under DNS, the entry for site.example.com is an orange clouded CNAME record that points to the connector ID of the Cloudflare Access Tunnel.

The problem is that when I run a nslookup, the first returned IP is the WAN IP of my network and then the second IP is Cloudflare’s. This is causing access to the tunnel’d site to fail via timeout. As far as I understand it, my WAN IP should never be used for an orange clouded site.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?

Yeah, that shouldn’t be happening. Can you share the domain name so it is easier to debug?

bah…disregard… I’m having access issues from one particular network, but other networks work fine. When I was looking at IPs, I only looked at the first octect of my WAN IP and the Cloudflare IP and saw that they matched…doh. Further investigation of the problem network continues.

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