Wall time pricing of workers

Hi! I’m trying to understand the billing rules for unbound workers.

In the pricing table it explains how the unbound plan charges for duration. In footnote 1, it says

  1. Cloudflare will bill for duration charges based on the higher of your wall time or CPU time, with a multiple applied to the CPU time to account for the processing power allotted to your Worker. Cloudflare will not bill for wall time duration charges beyond the execution limit given.

I think I understand the part about charging for duration based on wall time or CPU time, whichever is greater. This means that if the worker uses less than 1024MB of memory, then wall time is used to calculate duration, otherwise, CPU time is used.

However, I don’t understand what Cloudflare will not bill for wall time duration charges beyond the execution limit given means. The hyperlink on limit brings me to a page/table which says that there is only a limit on CPU runtime, but no limit on duration. So, what is the execution limit mentioned here referring to?

I would have included links to the pages I am referring to, but for some reason I was not allowed to post links.

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Hi @mosheduminer,
I have escalated this to our workers team, as I am sure they can go over this better than I could.


Hi, can I get clarification on this? It seems to me to potentially be a very fundamental component of worker pricing.

Hey, this limitation seems like it could be an important part of workers pricing, but I can’t be sure what it means. Can I please get a response? Thanks :pray:.

That’s probably what it’s referring to - i.e a duration charge of over 30 seconds will be capped at the execution limit, which is 30 seconds of CPU time.

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