Waiting Time for Creating Subdomain

Hello i made a website Similar to Shopify user can creater there own website and getting there Subdomain example test.shopime.com

My Problem is when user creater there store for First time when they open the subdomain it takes about

1-2 mint so that the page is loaded this is just for the first time he create store in our database is there a way at least the white screen to use a get endpoint from our side to show him message that we are doing work and his store is being created

*I am not getting Error the only probelm when me is that the user have to wait a few seconds until his subdomain website fully created is it problem in Caching data that every sudomain is created Cloudflare need to catch this data this why ?

You need to run some tests in your application to know where the real bottleneck is. Without even knowing your domain name, it’s impossible for anyone here to even have a clue and answer that question.

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This seems to be a problem from ssl as new subdomain created cloudflare take time to generate ssl for it and then caches it to my system

is there a way to buy a wildcard ans setup it instead of cloudflare wildcard ?

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