Waiting Rooms - Admin Access

We’re currently using Waiting Rooms to help mitigate some of the traffic that has been bringing down our vaccine registration/scheduling portal. And, it has been working GREAT. However, I have yet to find a way for administrators and employees of our call centers to bypass the Waiting Room. And, from what I can tell, there is nothing in the documentation about it.

Does anyone know of a way to have either IPs whitelisted or some other method that will my call center folks to not get stuck in the queue with the public?

I’ve not used Waiting Room, but if I needed to bypass Waiting Room, I’d enter the server’s IP address in my local Hosts file for direct access. Granted, this isn’t a great solution, but it’s all I’ve got until someone figures this out. Maybe another @MVP knows.

Ah, docs say you can add Waiting Rooms for various paths. Maybe you can give the admin/backend path its own Waiting Room.


Honestly, I hadn’t even considered editing the host file. I’ll keep it as a worst case option. Unfortunately, we’re not the only jurisdiction using the portal. We currently have five different counties, along with all of the municipalities within them, using the portal. So, we’d have to coordinate with their respective “IT” departments . . . Which, in some cases, don’t even exist.

But, if that ends up being the only option, I’m glad you brought it up . . . Because, I hadn’t even considered it.

Well…Give the admin paths a thought, as I don’t expect anybody else but staff to be trying those URLs, so a smaller Waiting Room for the back end will hopefully work.

Hi there! at the moment it is not possible to create a rule to bypass the waiting room, but it is something that is on the roadmap. @sdayman 's suggestion of creating a different waiting room for admin access would be the best here in my opinion.


Use an alt host name (optionally with a host header override using page rules or workers). Adding a bypass mechanism is on the feature roadmap.


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