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Waiting Room powered by Cloudflare

I come to ask you what is the possibility for me who am accustomed to surfing on a website that always sends me to the Cloudflare waiting list. is there a Cloudflare service to buy so as not to be affected on my browser?
I don’t want to be in the Cloudflare queue because my job requires speed. if a paid Cloudflare service exists to avoid the queue, I will be happy to buy it. thank you

The Cloudflare waiting rooms are enabled by CF customers, not CF itself. There is nothing you can buy from Cloudflare to bypass the waiting rooms.

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+1 to the reply from @zegevlier.

@toubaglobalservices1 are you talking about a screen that looks like this?

the screenshot that I show you here, I ask if it is possible to bypass the queue to surf without being concerned. I don’t want to waste my time by standing in the queue.

Thank you. No, as @zegevlier mentioned, that’s the purpose of the Waiting Room feature.

I suspect the Waiting Room is feature is being used by the site your are visiting in order to ensure their site is available to everyone that visits. Some background about a really good use of Waiting Room for Project Fair Shot here,

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