Waiting room by pass?

Hello, I would like to use the Cloudflare virtual waiting room for audience spikes that cause the server to crash. I don’t find any recent information about the possibility of preventing superusers from having to go through it. Does this possibility currently exist? A subdomain directed to the main content of the web could be created, configuring the dns as “Only DNS”. This would work to be able to enter the web directly without going through the waiting room. If this solution is not valid, there is some other possible solution. For example through the user’s IP. Best regards and thanks!

I have some webs that are proxied through Cloudflare but I bypass Cloudflare by overriding the DNS record. Why? Some admin interfaces are allowed only to our tunnel IP when connected to WARP.

I have a doubt, when activating the waiting room in an online store, which receives confirmation of payment from the bank, the bank’s response will be included, confirming or denying. Will the operation be put on hold?

Thank you