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Hi Everyone. It’s my first time using Cloudflare to generate a free SSL cettificate I did this over 48hrs ago and I have confirmed with my hosting company Hostinger who use Cloudflare themselves that I have updated the NS servers correctly.
I am including 2 jpegs of the nameserver change at Hostinger and the message I am getting at Cloudflare.
My question is : Is the delay on the side of my hosting company or is the delay on Cloudflare’s side.
Thank you for any help you can give me and Stay Safe in these times.
Cheers Victor

Hi @victorinspain,

I’m afraid they haven’t been set correctly.

You have added NS records at your DNS provider. What you need to do is change the authoritative nameservers at your domain registrar. They currently point to DNS-PARKING.COM.

Hi Thanks for the speedy reply so I have to change the NS records where I have registered my domain correct?
Will I use the same NS records that Cloudflare provided and also do you know if this will have any effect on my wordpress site.
Thanks Victor

No problem, it’s not the NS records you want to change but the authoritative nameservers for the domain. This will need to be done at your registrar.

You use the nameservers provided in your Cloudflare dashboard, yes.

As long as you have all your site’s DNS records correctly copied into Cloudflare and your site already works with HTTPS with your SSL/TLS mode at Cloudflare set to Full (strict), you shouldn’t have an issue.

Ok It’s my first time doing this so when you mean authoritative nameservers you mean go to where I have the domain registered (Netfirms) and change the nameservers there from DNS-PARKING.COM to the ones provided by Cloudflare and then wait for confirmation from Cloudflare before I set up the rest?

Yes, exactly that!

You can check that your DNS records match those your web host requires and set your SSL/TLS mode in the Cloudflare dashboard before Cloudflare confirms the change of nameservers and the settings will take effect one they do.

Ok sorry for all the questions so first thing
Go to where I have the domain registered and change the nameservers.
Then wait for the page in Cloudflare to change from “Pending Nameserver Update” to a confirmation and take things from there?

No problem, :+1: yep :slight_smile:

Ok I’ll have a go and let’s see if I can do the rest correctly.
Once I know how to do it once I will know how to do it for my other domains
I will let you know how I get on.
Thanks for all your help and Stay Safe.
Cheers Victor

Great, yes always easier after you’ve done it once! If you want to post back once you have changed them, we can check if they’re see correctly before you wait for Cloudflare to confirm them.

No problem, you too!

I am going to do that immediately and get back to you in 2 minutes Thanks

Hi DomJh.
I have now changed the nameservers where the domain is registered are you able to check and see if I have done that correctly? Thanks

Great, yes - those look to be set perfectly to me :slight_smile:

It may take a few hours for Cloudflare to confirm, or there should be a ‘Re-check now’ button in your Cloudflare dashboard which may speed it up a bit.

Brilliant I have just checked and it has changed to active at Cloudflare.
I will now see if I can do the rest and let you know how I get on.
once again thanks for all your help and I will post soon when I have succeeded or not!!

Excellent! No problem, please do just let us know if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

Thanks :+1: :grinning:

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Hi DomJh.
I can confirm total success and arrquuslicors.com now has it’s SSL cert and padlock, and I am confident on setting it up on my other sites.
One question I believe with let’s encrypt the certificate has to be renewed every 6 months.
How long does Cloudflare’s certificate last and will I get notification when I need to renew it.
Thanks a million for all your help today.
Cheers Victor

Great! Let’s Encrypt is generally every 3months for renewal. Cloudflare’s certificate is automatically renewed by them before expiry. All you need to do is keep the certificate you had before Cloudflare renewed (or install a Cloudflare Origin Certificate on your server which can be valid for up to 15 years).

That’s great I will check out the link you supplied and and see if I can set that up.
Once again Thanks for the help, Have a great day and Stay Safe during these times.
Thank you

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