"Waiting for Approval" status in Google Domains

A week an a half ago I transferred a domain out of Google Domains into Cloudflare and that domain still shows in Google Domains with a status of “Waiting for Approval”. Yet the domain is fully active in Cloudflare. I would have expected it to be removed from Google Domains shortly after it became active in Cloduflare, but it’s still there.

Is there any concern here, or should I just let it be?

You may be mixing up the concept of a domain registrar with a DNS provider.

You can use Cloudflare as your DNS provider (e.g. set your nameservers to the ones provided to you in the dashboard) and the domain will become active on Cloudflare.

If you want to use Cloudflare as your Registrar, you can buy domains from us but you can also transfer in existing domains, too.

Are you attempting to transfer to Cloudflare’s Registrar, if so, just ensure you follow all of the steps on this guide:


If you’re not using Cloudflare as your Registrar, then just setting the NS correctly is enough - essentially that is following this guide:


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Thank you for the response Simon, I appreciate it. Though, I am not confusing Cloudflare as a Registrar vs the Nameserver. I went through the domain transfer process with Google Domains and accepting it into Cloudflare responding to all the emails verifications that came through. Even inside of the Cloudflare Overview page for the domain, it is shows Cloudflare as the Registrar. And everything appears to be working correctly in Cloudflare. It just still shows in Google Domains as “Waiting for Approval”.

What is the domain?

OK - in that case - if your Cloudflare dashboard shows your domain as active on our Registrar under the Manage Domains section and a WHOIS check via ICANN Lookup shows Cloudflare as the Registrar, then I think you’re good.

If those two things look good and Google Domains is still displaying Waiting for Approval, I think you would be best to check with them to understand why.

After a few back and forth chats with Google Domains, they have finally cleaned up the domain and is no longer listed. Thanks for your help here.

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