Wait time of css/js

My wait time is increasing so much from the Cloudflare side for delivering the CSS/js files.
how can I solve it?
A|690x460 !
B|690x460 !

can anyone look at these and help me to fix them
Thank You

These are typically issues with your server taking too long to return these files.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your routing will have changed. Your server appears to be located in Singapore and I assume you are in India. Is that right? If so, then that connection would be relatively short whereas in Cloudflare’s case you are routed via the US. Peering - Why don't I reach the closest datacenter to me? has more on that.

In your screenshots the requests were a cache miss, however Cloudflare caches these files by default anyhow and the caching also seems to work in your case, so all following requests should be faster, except for the routing issue of course.

Nonetheless, you should also optimise your server, as Cloudflare can only do so much and if the server does not work properly you will always have issues down the road.

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Yes you are right, I am from India and I choose the Singapore Servers because of my target market in India and I want fast speed in Target market.
Should I change The server location?
And I did not get what you said about the solution of this problem can you please explain in layman’s language
thank you

Changing the server won’t necessarily speed things up as your ISP still seems to route you via the US.

Your best bet is to make sure your site is responding faster and that is something you need to do on your server. As for caching, caching seems to be in place and these files are cached by Cloudflare. You just need to run the test a second time. Please use the search too, as that topic has been covered a million times :wink:

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okay I will review on the topic you provided
though, Thank you for the help
should i change my page rules?
Or should i contact my hosting providers?

Your page rules are probably all right. The issue here is a cache miss, but this will fix itself after the first request. The routing is something you cannot change.

Try to load the site several times and then it should be fine. It loads fine for me.

As for the server, that is something you need to discuss with your web developer.

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Thank you so much for being with me
i am using the wordpress for website
and my page rules if you can look please tell me if anything is incorrect

Seem to look all right. That topic has also been discussed more than once, so I would still refer to the search.

I searched and no topic helped to set page rules
or what page rules are good

https://community.cloudflare.com/search?q=wordpress%20page%20rules returns more than enough. Of course you need to filter it.

But page rules are not the issue here. Routing might be (to a certain extent), your server being too slow, and the cache miss, but the last I already addressed.

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okay thanks a lot:)

My GT-Metrix Page speed score if good still i am unable to achieve the Fully load time.
Is there any solutions for that
My website is on Litespeed servers with using Litespeed cache and Cloudflare
Any trick or anything that can help
Thanks a lot

Please don’t open more than one thread about the same issue.

sorry I didn’t knew if this is a same issue, I though i might get different solutions.

It is the same issue, respectively non-issue.

Your caching works fine, you just need to cache it first but that is done automatically.

Again, please use the search, this topic has been addressed over and over again. Thanks.

thank you.

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