WAF Yesterday, we became aware of a problem that solely affects IOS users

Yesterday, we became aware of a problem that solely affects IOS users.

kindly refer to our attachment.

If managed challenge is enabled, websites will repeatedly ask iOS users if they are humans when they select this option.

Please see our members reporting this as well Only iOS users affected, not Android or Google Pix

How does this effect all of Cloudflare? Sounds like it effects users of your app?

Not just our apps, but also the website are being impacted. Evidently, Cloudflare either adjusted something because this occurred yesterday.
As a result, the attachment shows that more people are returning to the members.

When you have this type of connection and you keep receiving reports, you should check Cloudflare to see if that’s the issue because we disabled it.

the resumption of normal traffic, but something still needs to be done about this as clearly is a problem that only affects iOS users!

iOS users!

You assume anyone would have sufficient knowledge of your website, traffic and configuration to comment on your screenshots.

I’d you have actual data (HAR file, logs, etc) you should describe to specific entries in that data to demonstrate the problem and open a support ticket.


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