WAF with a subdomain

I am interested in moving my WAF service from Barracuda to Cloudflare. We have 2 sites, call them (substituted _ for . because of the limited links rule) site1_mydomain_com and site2_mydomain_com. We do not wish to move full dns for mydomain.com to Cloudflare. Is it possible under a WAF Business account to do this without moving the entire DNS. With Barracuda, I don’t need to move the entire DNS.


You’d have to set up that Business plan on another domain, then CNAME your subdomain(s) over to that business plan hostname.

Thank you! That all makes sense.

I have created a domain and now have DNS hosted through Cloudflare for that domain.

Call that newDomain_com. My main domain is MainDomain_com that I host DNS for my business.

I wish to provide WAF for site1_MainDomain_com through a CNAME setup.

I started to purchase a business plan for the newDomain_com, but stopped when I became concerned.
Will I have to have a business plan for both the newDomain_com (which is just there as a filler) AND site1_MainDomain_com.

That doubles the cost for me, hence my concern.

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