WAF - Whitelisting IPs - Moz bots


Regarding whitelisting of IPs in the firewall - is this facility available for the Pro plan?

Also regarding Moz – as we use it for SEO. Are the Moz bots whitelisted on the firewall by default?

Your response is appreciated.


Moz is not on Cloudflare’s list of known bots.

Whitelisting is available on all plans. You can whitelist Moz by going to Firewall > Tools > IP Access, and creating rules for the appropriate IP addresses.

This will bypass all Cloudflare protections, so make sure you monitor the usage from these IPs, in case Moz ever change their infrastructure in a way that changes their IPs.

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Thank you. As it’s a popular SEO tool, perhaps it should be added?
Just a suggestion

Popularity didn’t make Cloudflare include Facebook or Twitter in their list, so I guess there might be other factors. I haven’t seen any documentation on what criteria are used by Cloudflare for inclusion in the list. The page I linked to above says

Cloudflare plans to expand its list of known bots in the near future.

But I haven’t seen any changes since it was first published over a year ago.

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