WAF tips for allowing access for me

My internet provider assigns me different IP addresses and that ends up getting me blocked by own waf until I add rule. Is there a wildcard rule I can use?

Example rules


IPv6 addresses provided by ISP tend to change all the time, while IPv4 addresses last longer. So what I did was disabling IPv6 in the machine that I use for website management and Cloudflare.

Another alternative would be to exclude an IP list containing only your home IP in all your WAF rules. Then you could write scripts to fetch your current IP and update the IP list items via Cloudflare API when it changes.

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I didn’t think of that. I run Pop_OS linux and will explore the idea of turning off IP6

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Your ISP issues you a /56 or /64, so you should allow 2601:280:5280:7bc0::/64.

Many devices today regularly change the lower 64 bits of an IPv6 address for privacy and security so that is what is causing the lower part of your address to change, not your ISP. Your ISP will only change the upper part.

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Another option may be to secure your site management using Access via Cloudflare Zero Trust.

Thanks I’ll try that!

Had to change Operator but flame on…

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You don’t need both of those conditions. The value in the first is covered by the second.

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