WAF throws status 403

When I enable WAF for a particular page, it starts producing server status 403 for any request (Only the server response is 403, users are able to properly see the page itself).

I tried disabling BIC, but no luck.

As soon as I turn off WAF, I start to receive Status 200 again, so this seems to be Cloudflare related.

Anyone knows how to fix this?

If users are able to properly see the page, where do you see 403s?

Can you give more details about what is getting a 403? Also, if you know the RayID of the 403 response, you can search in the Security β†’ Overview page on the Cloudflare dashboard and see why it’s being blocked.

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403 is an http status code of the page. Users are seeing the page without any issues, this is only the response code that Cloudflare is throwing.


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